Zoom Faris + Agatha (RA-CC)

Faris + Agatha (RA-CC)


A pair of busy bees these two. Workaholics, but not unreasonably so. Faris and Agatha simply enjoyed their jobs and grafted hard. The result of this meant they ate out, a lot. Almost every night, truth-be-told. Then one time, on a random Saturday, they took a break from the busy. They stopped, and cooked. A trip to the market. On arrival, Faris went one way, Agatha the other. No discussion about what the meal would be. They would just blend together each other's foraged finds. His shoulder of pork. Her mixed beets, swiss chard and water cress. Mmm, a fine combination.


Blade: High Carbon Steel (1075)
Blade Finish: Clear Cerakote Varnish
Hardness: 60 RHC
Handle: Roasted Silver Topped Ash
Ring: Brass

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