Our Knives

We make knives so we can make food for each other. There is not a more simple gift that we can give each other, than the one of nourishment. To love somebody is to cook them a meal. Fill their stomach and you'll fill their heart.

We want the relationships we share with the people around us to last forever. So our knives will last too. Made from high carbon steel and the best local woods they'll last many a lifetime. 

Just like anything that we want to last, we must do a bit of nurturing. So oiling your knife with a little Camellia Oil or beeswax will help the steel and wood mature and develop.

Carbon steel will last forever but isn't it stainless, so it will take on marks when cutting certain foods. But don't worry, these marks will add character to your knife and will create a beautifully aged patina over time.

Each of our knives is hand made at a forge in Tharwa Valley, just outside Canberra, Australia.